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The Climate Series is a unique launch of coffees that have been developed and tested to fight plant diseases and the consequences of a warming climate. In collaboration with our Producers and some of the top research institutions in Brazil, we have researched and analyzed hundreds of coffees that have both great quality and high resistance to the various diseases plaguing our coffees in Brazil. We are so excited to present you with these incredible cultivars!

ACAUÃ - Developed in 2000 by the Fundação Procafe in Minas Gerais, Brazil, the Acauã cultivar was carefully crossed with Mundo Novo and Sarchimor varieties to breed a coffee that is resistant to root-worm diseases as well as the devastating rust fungus.

Grown and produced by our friends Natália Brito and André Garcia, we get notes of an Ube and Malt Milkshake, Umami and Purple fruits.

Climate Series - Acauã, Jaguara Coffee

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